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We are a creative and technical services organisation ....

Sanstec is an established and highly competent, creative and technical services organisation. We have been working with and supporting our clients throughout East Anglia, from our base in the dramatic countryside of north Essex, for over 20 years.

We successfully provide a range of innovative and technically biased solutions using our expertise, experience and dedication to enable us to deliver problem solving of technical challenges and achieve standards of service significantly beyond expectations.

Our customer focus, with dedicated and enthusiastic attention to detail, drives our success as we continue to identify, build and develop a range of additional Sanstec services to complement our existing capabilities, strengthening existing and growing new client relationships.

Sanstec Design
Sanstec Design logo

Our design and development company provides design engineering business solutions to leading product manufacturers by typically using industry leading CAD/CAE.  We help our clients in transforming their ideas into reality from the concept, developing them through prototyping, engineering them into production and managing the process with the client and suppliers through the complete development cycle as required.  To learn more on how we design, develop, engineer and manage, please visit our web site.

Sanstec Garden
Sanstec Garden logo

Our garden maintenance company provides professional garden services to residential properties, including detailed garden manicures, regular maintenance programs, comprehensive garden recovery and a range of trimming and cutting services utilising the actual tools and machinery that our sister company, sanstec design, has been involved with designing and developing.  To learn more about how we cut, trim, clear and maintain gardens, please visit our web site.

Alastair Sanderson

Sanstec, originally as a single company, was started over 20 years ago by Alastair Sanderson, an accomplished problem solver, enthusiastic innovator and committed entrepreneur. Initially as a skilled and creative design engineer, specialising in the application and utilisation of CAD and CAE, Alastair is following his vision to create a diverse portfolio of businesses from his love of ‘all things technical’ to search for synergy between complimentary business offerings to achieve exceptional results through idea and innovation application.

Sanstec are always looking forward to hearing from talented individuals with the skills, drive and commitment to get involved. If you are interested in joining Alastair and his team on their quest then please click here to access our current list of vacancies or email him at careers email Alternatively connect with him to discuss your ideas, opportunities or investment propositions.