We are a creative and technical services organisation ....

Sanstec is an established and highly competent, creative and technical services organisation, based in north Essex. For over 25 years we have been providing our clients with technical support and expertise primarily through our mechanical design engineering company.

Our experience, interest and dedication in all things creative and technical enables us to deliver problem solving and achieve standards of service significantly beyond expectations. We enjoy a challenge and continue to successfully provide a range of innovative and technically biased engineering solutions to product designers, other engineers and manufacturers alike.

Our passion, coupled with dedicated and enthusiastic attention to detail, drives our success as we continue to identify, build and develop a range of additional Sanstec services to complement our existing capabilities, so that we may strengthen existing and grow new client relationships.

Sanstec Design
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Our design and development company provides design engineering business solutions to leading product manufacturers by typically using industry leading CAD/CAE.  We help our clients in transforming their ideas into reality from the concept, developing them through prototyping, engineering them into production and managing the process with the client and suppliers through the complete development cycle as required.  To learn more on how we design, develop, engineer and manage, please visit our web site.