manage - ‘be in charge of (a business, organization, or undertaking); run, succeed in surviving or in achieving something despite difficulty’: Oxford Dictionary

  • Project Planning
  • Financial Management, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Product/Part Lifecycle Administration and Management
  • Engineering Change Control and Management

We can provide complete management of your product or part lifecycle from concept to completion, using effective and efficient solutions utilising our own engineers and additional resources as required.

We know the key to a project’s success is based on the product or part being developed on time and to budget. We’ll support you during this stage by managing the product/part design lifecycle process for you.  This is often by typically using PTC’s Windchill software in enterprises that have the appropriate scale for their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), where we can often streamline processes and accurately track documentation and information, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product development process overall.

We’ll help you devise a project strategy, paying attention to critical milestones and the deadlines that need to be met, managing engineering change and release control, so that all stakeholders are kept clearly updated and informed and are working with the latest data and correct information.

We acknowledge that new CAD software is constantly being released. Before working on design projects we will liaise with you to identify the most appropriate version of CAD, which is compatible with your in-house software.

Email us at to ask for quotes or more information about what we do and how we do it.

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