engineer - ‘design and build (a machine or structure)’: Oxford Dictionary

  • 3D CAD/CAE
  • Engineering Analysis and Evaluation
  • Prototype Build processing and management
  • Intellectual Property, Patent Analysis and FTO (Freedom to Operate) Support

At the Engineering stage we work with you to solidify a cost-effective solution for your product or part design by continuing to leverage our CAD/CAE capability, applying engineering analysis/evaluation and assessing the suitability of various types of physical prototypes as required. Additionally we can support various activities concerning Intellectual Property, Patent Analysis and FTO, either undertaken at this stage when the design has developed to an engineered solution or if required and considered to be appropriate, conducted at other stages of the design and development cycle.

FTO Investigation Support - When launching a new product many companies will want to secure their freedom to operate (FTO) to ensure that the product does not infringe any other intellectual property. We can help you achieve this as we have experience in searching patent documentation for issued or pending patents. 

Our engineering capabilities have been utilised in the development of a variety of electro-mechanical products which have plastic injection moulded parts. This includes products from the automotive, consumer, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

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