design, development and engineering services ....

.... we work with companies like yours, our clients vary in size from 'big brand name' product manufacturers to medium and small companies and consultancies, including seed and start ups. We get involved and support activity on a diverse range of projects at varying levels of engagement, constantly working to enhance and develop our capabilities and service delivery.

  • all aspects of concept to production 'design engineering' - typically with CAD & CAE .... including Pro/Engineer/CREO, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and various prototyping and development tools ....
  • technical, engineering & manufacturing environment support - within the design & development, engineering and manufacturing environment including but not limited to quality engineering, purchasing, logistics, production database administration, after sales and technical product support ....


We have and continue to provide complete 'design engineering business solutions' which encompasses all aspects of the design and development life cycle from concept generation to eventual introduction to production support and then after sales and further consumer/customer technical product support.

We utilise and manage our own employees, contractors and freelancers to implement and engage the resources and capability to create or develop the project team or 'embed' an individual/s for or with our client to ensure the service delivery at the point it’s required.

To remain a flexible design partner we keep a number of different releases or versions installed on our CAD work stations, so that we can use the most appropriate version, compatible with client software.

Building a lasting and trusting relationship with our clients successfully enables us to provide the necessary skills and capability that are required to deliver the service that’s needed to achieve the desired outcomes. Working closely alongside at the clients location/premises or at our own facilities ensures integrity and a dynamic flow and interaction between our respective capabilities. For those clients that require short term design engineering support, then we will actively support them by working on a contract basis.

We’ve provided our services in all sorts of projects and 'initiatives' .... to learn more how we design, develop, engineer and manage our projects, please see the links below and review our case studies to better understand our varied skill set and how we implement our capabilities with work based scenarios and examples. You can also watch our short video below which outlines our range of services.

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