That light bulb moment

Working as a design engineer and being involved in the creation of new products, I have naturally been doing a lot of thinking lately regarding the relentless pressure to invent the next best thing. I have found myself looking back at some famous inventors, pondering on their new ideas of the day and how they created that light bulb moment.

Taking the light bulb into consideration, it is interesting to read the history of the two inventors Thomas Edison of the USA and Joseph Swan of the UK. Both were competing to invent and manufacture the light bulb, thus giving it its commercial potential, which is of course what successful engineering is all about. Inventing is not simply creating a new out of the box idea, but the birth of a concept that can be developed, produced and sold to the end client, thus achieving a viable development cycle.

I was even more surprised to read there was a patent war between the two parties which highlights the importance of generally patenting a new invention to protect an idea.

I have been involved in developing patents for new products and have particular experience in searching patent documentation for issued or pending patents to ensure that the product does not infringe any other intellectual property, so I appreciate how crucial it is that a patent adequately details the invention.

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