Sanstec signFor some time now, we have had a lack of 'proper' external signage at our workshop in Colchester, which has caused a bit of confusion experienced by visitors and delivery drivers alike.

One of the reasons for the delay in getting something arranged was that we couldn't decide whether or not we liked what was on offer for the cost. Being a creative and a rather particular design company caused us to procrastinate for quite a while.

In the end, we took it upon ourselves to design a new main workshop sign in-house. After looking at a few examples and ideas we set our minds on producing a high quality 3D floating letter design. The development and process we went through to design the sign will be covered in one of our upcoming case studies. In the meantime, the CAD files (in this case we used Pro/Engineer WF4), are currently with the manufacturer who has confirmed that they have begun the set up process so they can start the work.

We're excited to see the end results of our collaboration and are very much looking forward to installing the new sign on the workshop building.

It's been an interesting process to get to this stage and another aspect of our design and creative capability that Sanstec Design can offer its clients. Through our commitment to address and resolve some of our own technical challenges experienced, we constantly discover opportunities to exercise and develop our own skill set, which will in turn benefit those whom we work with now and in the future.


Sanstec sign