The Rocket:  The fastest locomotive engine in the North

Delving back through the history of British inventors, I was fascinated to read about George Stevenson, an engineer, and inventor made famous by his invention of the railroad locomotive.

Nicknamed ‘The Father of Railways’ [Source] he was a pioneering engineer who liked to fix things as a child, but it was probably his success with his engine, the Rocket, which he is best known for. There are many parallels with his determination to design and engineer the fastest locomotive than any of his rivals, with present day marketplace competition to be the best. To design and produce the most efficient and effective product still holds true today.

It seems that he wasn’t content with his first design, as he apparently went back to the drawing board, constantly making improvements, solving problems, inventing new versions, just like designers now, must be prepared to do if a product doesn’t satisfy end users needs, etc.

The competition held in 1829 on the Liverpool to Manchester line that produced the fastest locomotive engine of its time, was groundbreaking. If you are looking for a designer and engineer who will help you build a product and bring it to market, then why not give us a call. [Source]