CREO Simulation LiveWe recently attended a couple of webinars (5th February 2019 - thanks to Root Solutions and to PTC for inviting us and hosting them), about the functionality in the recently released 'Creo Simulation Live' from PTC.

This new 'product' has been fairly well hyped in the industry during its general release, so I'm sure you'll already know it has updated functionality which is powered by ANSYS that allows you to get "real-time feedback on your design decisions as you make them". Essentially it provides the same functionality as Creo Simulate, but is available directly in the modelling window - hence you can make iterative changes to designs as you go.....well that's the theory anyway and just what we intend to find out over the next few weeks by using it in practice and further investigating it's capability/usability in some real life practical examples.

First steps will be to work towards installing and utilising Creo 5.0 and then adding Creo Simulation Live to it after we download the required date code.

Next step will then be to identify some projects, products and/or parts that we can work on, so that we can give some day to day feedback on how installation/implementation is going for us, perhaps sharing some tips and tricks or ways to do things that we find useful as we go.

We’re really excited about this additional functionality and look forward to learning how it can benefit our clients whilst we support them through the product design and development cycle as well as whilst we work on our internal projects to broaden our capability.