AutomechanikaWe're looking forward to attending the Automechanika trade fair which is held at the NEC between the 4th and 6th June.

This will be our first time at an Automechanika event and leads on from our previous involvement in the general automotive sector with client projects completed on motorbikes, remote control systems, UAV transportation support, autonomous robots and robotics for products in manufacturing. We've worked on various design and development of the technical aspects relating to production and automation, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and various mechanical challenges with data systems integration. Also, as a company we have our own internal interests in the automotive sector when running, maintaining and developing our own small fleet of vehicles and transport/logistics support equipment.

AutomechanikaWe're excited to see the new technologies and market place developments that are on offer and have already been making some appointments with exhibitors to talk about how we can support them with our technical capability in the areas of mechanical/electro mechanical design and development of their products, services and resources, as well as discussing how they might potentially help us in supporting our own infrastructure and that of our clients.

We'd be delighted to discuss any opportunities with you to support and resource the technical challenges you are facing when it comes to design and development. So please get in touch as we're always particularly keen to drink coffee and have a chat of course!