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How many times have you heard someone say, you walk with a spring in your step? Well, I might not be actually skipping or dancing my way into the Sanstec Design office every day, but as we head towards spring, things are certainly gaining pace in the design and development arena.

In mechanical engineering, springs are a functional part of many items manufactured. They are used in numerous products such as medical devices and various industries including automotive and aerospace. Quite commonly though, in consumer goods, they are used to hold batteries in place.

At its very simplest, a spring is a device that stores mechanical energy which is released when force is removed. There are many different types for a design engineer to choose from such as coil and compression, and matters such as load requirements and coil width will need to be considered before settling on the correct one for the job. Common materials are stainless steel, titanium, or nickel and copper alloys. Material selection will of course need to be based on the function and performance required, operating temperature, load capacity, service life, environment and resistance to corrosion. So you can see, there is an awful lot to consider and it’s most definitely not a simple case of directly springing into action.

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