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UK medical device reviewers form new association -

Dassault Systemes and Ansys announce new cloud-based simulation tools -

J&J to shut down massive US R&D facility less than 18 months after opening it -

Solid-state EV batteries are closer than you think -

What are the biggest misconceptions about 3D printing today? -

AstraZeneca pledges £650M in UK investments to boost vaccine capabilities, expand near HQ -

Google Announces New Core Algorithm Update for Search -

Green Elephant Biotech launches plant-based 96-well plate -

Sprint Electric win Innovate UK funding competition -

The finishing touch: finishing in the aerospace and medical industries - (page 30 and 31)

Report identifies technologies that could unlock tidal stream energy -
A new report has identified 10 innovations that could lower the cost of tidal stream energy by 80 per cent with appropriate support.

Airbus unveils latest eVTOL prototype - Airbus has revealed pictures of its CityAirbus NextGen, a four-seat electric urban aircraft that the French aero giant says will fly for the first time later this year.

The benefits of thermoformed PET packaging for medical devices - Graham Kershaw, managing director, Macpac discusses the benefits of thermoformed PET packaging solutions for the medical device and drug delivery industry.

AI to expand medtech portfolios, revenue streams: Moody’s - The rating agency predicts AI will start to have a positive impact on medical device companies in the next two years.

Unilever prototypes plastic packaging with Formlabs 3D printed moulds -